Crossing Gate Parts

SMI & Transpec Surface Mount Crossing Gates
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BMR Replacement Crossing Arms
SO-68550 BMR Metal Support Plate & Yellow Arm to fit BMR Crossing Gates SO-68505 Metal Support Plate to fit BMr
SO-68150 Yellow Crolssing Arm to fit BMR
SO-68250 Yellow Crossing Arm to fit Specialty & BMR


Complete Assembly: Yellow Arm & Support Plate SO-68275

Yellow Arm: SO-68152

Support Plate SO-68082T



Complete Assembly: Yellow Arm & Support Plate SO-68580

Yellow Arm: SO-68154

Support Plate (TOP) SO-68082B

Support Plate (Bottom) SO-68083T

SO-68156 Yellow Crossing Arm-fits Thomas Freightliner C2-use w. Metal Support Plate SO-68084
SO-68158 Yellow Crossing Arm -fits Ford E Series vans -2008 & Later & GM G Series vans 2004 & Later-use SO-68084 Support Plate

SO-68157 Crossing Arm fits IC-Navistar 2005 & Up w. Surface Mounted Mechanisms-use w. Support Plate SO-68084

Crossing Arm fits IC-Navistar with Behind the Bumper Specialty Crossing Gate Mechanisms

Crossing Arm to Fit IC-Navistar w. BMR Crossing Gates-use Support Plate SO-68084

SO-68100 Wire Loop Gate
Other BMR Parts
S0-3001-2- Motor with single switch (can be removed). Without switch fits BMR Stop Arms and Crosswalks 1987-91
SO-4000- Motor to fit BMR Stop Arms and Crosswalks 1992 & Later
SO-68100 - Wire Loop Gate, All BMR

SO-6002-Drive Arm for BMR units

SO-1681- Electric Solenoid

SO-1660- Electric Solenoid & Air Regulator

SO-1690- Air Regulator
BMR-444 - Air or Vacuum Pump for Stop Arms & Crosswalks

SO-78600S Specialty (SMI) Base for Crosswalk/Stop Arm w. Quick Connect


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