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SO-5014-S- Motor to fit Specialty™

Crosswalks and Stop Arms-

No Longer Available-Discontinued by Manufacturer


SO-5014-K Motor to Fit SMC 6000 Series Stop Arms & Crosswalks



SO-4003-Drive Arm for SMC Units


SO-4045-Brass Bushing for SMC units

SO-5166- Bushing for SMC units





SMI-5151 Specialty Control Module Conversion Kit-Fits 5000 Series Units-eliminates problem causing Micro Switches-Includes detailed instructions






SMI-5155 SMI Control Module.

3 Relays.



SO-5158K SMI Control Module. Thomas C2. 4 Relays.

SO-6120K Electronic Module fpr Specialty 6000 Series Units (New Style Shown)
SMI-7120K Specialty 7 Series Control Module Kit
SO-6050- Specialty™ control switch








SO-6118 Aluminum Cam Assembly- Double Thread fits SMC 6 Series


SO-8639 - Specialty™ Switch for Roof Hatch
SO-5024- Aluminum slip clutch fits SO-5014S- motor

SO-5008K- Slip Clutch Kit- consists of Aluminum Cam, Plastic Clutch and Rotor Clamp- Fits SO-3014-S motor

SO-5003-Plastic Clutch (Available Seperately)
SO-5031 - Aluminum Cam - also fits SMC 5 Series
SO- 6122 - Aluminum Cam - Double thread - SMC 6 Series
SO-6135 - 9/16" Modified Jam Nut - SMC 6 Series
SO-1660- Electric Solenoid & Air Regulator

SO-1681- Electric Solenoid

SO-1690- Air Regulator

SO-166S (SMI)-Outer Bearing

SO-166B (For BMR Units)-Outer Bearings

SO-176 Inner Bearing

SO-2196S Cable Return Assembly (SMI)

SO-2196B Cable Return Assembly (BMR)

SO-2197 Nylon Pulley
SO-2198 Return Spring
Outer View
Inner View
SO-2167S Hinge Plate Bracket (SMI)
Outer View
Inner View
SO-2167B Hinge Plate Bracket (BMR)

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