Trucklite Lamp7

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TL21251R - Red LED Lamp
TL21251Y - Amber LED Lamp
TL21880R - Red LED Lamp w/ Diamond Shell Coating
TL21880Y - Amber LED Lamp w/ Diamond Shell Coating
TL26302R - Red Lamp w/ Plastic Base
TL26302Y - Amber Lamp w/ Plastic Base
TL26303R - Red Lamp w/ Metal Cast Base
TL26303Y - Amber Lamp w/ Metal Cast Base
Repl. Lens : TL99053R - Red , TL99053Y - Amber
TL26303 - Replacement Mounting Gasket
TL33250R- Red Marker/Clearance Lamp
TL35001R - Red LED Lamp
TL33250Y- Amber Marker/Clearance Lamp
TL35001Y - Amber LED Lamp
TL35080R - Red LED Lamp w/ Diamond Shell Coating
TL35080Y - Amber LED Lamp w/ Diamond Shell Coating
Rear View of most Trucklite Series 40 - 4" Sealed Lamps
Replacement Plug Assembly - TL94993
TL40002R - Stop/Tail Turn Lamp w/ Rubber Grommet Mount
TL40242R - Repl. Lamp w/o grommet
TL40700 - Grommet Only
TL40203 - 4" Clear Sealed Lamp
TL40700 - Rubber Grommet Mounted
TL40224 - 4" Clear Sealed Lamp w/ Mounting Flange
TL40244 - Lamp Only w/o Mounting Flange
TL40258R - Red 4" Sealed Stop/Tail/Turn Lamp w/ Flange Mounting
TL40720 - Steel Mounting Bracket for 4" Lamps w/ Flange


TL40202R 40 Series Sealed Lamp

TL40282R 4" Sealed Economy Stop/Tail Lamp w/o Mounting Assembly

TL40242R Super 40 Series Lamp

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