Light Monitors

Light Monitors LED Lights KD/Maxxima Reflectors/ Stepwell / Universal  

Flush Mount Light Monitor

Surface Mount Light Monitor
Flush Mount (for Incandescent Lights)
Surface Mount (for Incandescent Lights)
F-1008M 8 lamp monitor Doran F-164-11 8 lamp monitor Aeroflash
F-1012M 12 lamp monitor Doran F-164-13 16 lamp monitor Aeroflash
F-164-32 16 lamp monitor Aeroflash F-1006 16 lamp monitor Aeroflash w. Wiring Kit
F-1016M 16 lamp monitor Doran    
Flush Mount- LED or Incandescent
16 Lamp Doran Monitor (Doran C-4-TH) Thomas
16 Lamp Doran Monitor (Doran UBM-00) Universal
Flush Mount -LED or Incandescent Lights Monitors
F-1007 SoundOff 16 Lamp Monitor (pictured below)


F-1016-THV Doran 16 Lamp Monitor-Thomas (Doran UBMR-00)





Remote Monitors- LED or Incandescent Lights
Fuse and Capacitor Layout for F-2016


F-2016 Doran Light 16 Light Monitor-Universal (Doran C4-R) -5 Fuses and 2 Capacitors.

Replacement Remote Board F-2016-RB



Fuse Layout for


F-2016TH Doran 16 Light Monitor-Thomas-(Doran C-4R-REV)- 7 Fuses

Replacement Remote Board F-2016-RB











* Monitors are available with wiring kit - Please call for more information.


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