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SE-255 - SBP Body Fluids Cleanup Kit for School Buses contains the following items to meet the National Minimum Standard:


1 ILSC Powder 2 oz.
2 Vinyl Gloves
2 Paper Towels
1 Disposable Scoop, Bag, and Tie
1 Disinfectant and Towelette
1 Odor Reducing Mask
1 Antiseptic Towelette
1 Plastic Scraper

Kits are available for all States and Provinces that have their own requirements. To order just use kit part number and the state you are in. Example: SE-255-Texas

Refill items are available on any items contained in any kit or you may order a complete refill


Part Numbers:

National Standards Kit- SE-255

Box Only - SE-255-B

Refill Only- SE-250



Also Available:

SE-265 - ILSC Powder 4 oz.

SE-266- ILSC Powder, 15 oz

SE-267- Absorption Powder, 9.2 oz.

SE-268- Absorption Powder, 4.6 oz.

SE-280 Convenience Bag for Vomit & Urine Disposal


FA-810 SaniZide Spray 32 Oz.Germicidal Spray Disinfectant. Removes and Disinfects most surface areas of Pathogens.
FA-823 SaniZide Germicidal Wipes. To Disinfect non-porous surfaces. (160 wipes)
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