Panel Blanks, Knobs & Pigtails

S-9005 - Plastic slip-on knob, 1/4" I.D. with set screw
S-9006 - Heater Control Knob
S-9007- Heater Control Knob
S-9008-Heater Control Knob. 3/8"Depth of Thread. 10-32 Thread. Replaces Bluebird #08303232
S-9009- Heater Control Knob. Set Screw. Replaces Bluebird #01525856
S-9010- Heater Control Knob. 10-32 UNF Metal Insert. Replaces Bluebird # 01494897
S-9011- Heater Control Knob. 8-32 Set Screw. 5/8" Mounting Depth. Replaces Bluebird #08303158
S-9012- Heater Control Knob. 10-32 Thread. Replaces Thomas #6600-0092
S-9013- Heater Control Knob. 8-32 Set Screw. Replaces Bluebird #0031531
S-4607 - Black double wide filler blank - Thomas

S-7081 - Black filler blank, fits standard rocker switch opening - Universal


S-C5264 - New Style Amtran switch cover (blank)

S-2560 Single Contact Pigtail

S-2564 Double Contact Pigtail


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