Arm, Gate, Roof Switches & Circuit Boards

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SO-3005- BMR limit switch replaces SMC 5007
SO-3006- BMR limit switch for Earlier BMR Stop Arms & Crosswalks
SO-3011- Relay for both BMR & SMC Units- replaces SO-3010. 5 Blades with mounting bracket.


SMI-5151 - Specialty™ Control Module Conversion Kit- Fits 5000 series Stop Arms - eliminates problem causing micro-switches - includes detailed instructions





SO-6007- Switch for BMR Stop Arms & Crosswalks
F-51-00026B Replacement Relay for F-51-0018 flasher units. 5 Blades without mounting bracket.


SO-5155 SMI Control Module. 3 Relays.
SO-5158K SMI Control Module. Thomas C2. 4 Relays.



SO-6011- Electronics Board for later model BMR Stop Arms and Crosswalks
SMI-6050- Specialty™ control switch


SO-9011M - Electronics board for BMR 9000 / 10000 Series Stop Arms w. Incandescent Lights

SO-9011MF Electronics Board for BMR 8000-9000-10000 Series Stop Arms w. Strobe Lights


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