Turn Signal Switches

S-7509 Freightliner/Thomas C2 Turnsignal switch. Replaces OE #A06-36956-002/003
S-7511 Navistar Turn Signal Switch. Use with Lever S-7513.Was formerly part of #166974C91/92/93/94. ReplacesNavistar #250291C91
S-7512 - Replacement turn signal switch for Navistar. Replaces IH 3566936C91
S-7513 FrontS-7513 Rear
S-7513 - Replacement turn signal switch for Navistar. Replaces IH 471302C93
S-7514 - Replacement for 78-94, no splicing required. Replaces IH 2034257C91, 1697207C91. Includes adapter harness.

S-7515 - Replaces all 2 speed wash/ wipe signal switches 12-94 - 1/96. Includes Lift to Dim & Flash to Pass. No splicing required. Replaces IH 2002876C91S

S-7515-1 - 2 speed wiper control module


S-4835- Navistar IC Turn Signal. Replaces OE #3587009C92
Front View
Rear View

S-4830 Blue Bird Turn Signal Switch. Replaces OE #10006549



S-H100 Replacement Lever for some BlueBird Turn

Signal Switches. Stainless Steel.


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